The Packing Problem.

Packing for vacation

I hate packing. I really hate packing.

Have you ever travelled with hand luggage only? No, me neither. It’s a myth. The elite experienced packers with their glossy hair and ‘master the art‘ YouTube videos give the whole concept an air of possibility. Meanwhile, I’m sitting on my suitcase while I zip it shut.

After several years of semi-regular travel, I’d hoped to have advanced to at least intermediate level packing but with a tactic that closely resembles a drunk uni student the night before a major deadline, I think I still have a way to go.

Travel Tips From a Top Procrastinator

Download a packing checklist
Oh, the beauty of the internet. With access to everything from live tv to deliver to your door dentures, finding a suitable packing checklist shouldn’t take long.

Use the right combo of keywords to find the best list, for example, ‘Women’s winter safari packing checklist’.

Give yourself time to pack
Make sure you’ve got everything from your checklist bought and ready before you start to pack, you might not be feeling so carefree about it all when you’re halfway packed and have to rush out to buy a waterproof jacket.

Even with a packing guide, it’s easy to miss some important items – a travel adapter is now one of the first things I pack because trust me, trying to find this item without any phone charge in a foreign speaking country is stressful! With this in mind, try to pack a week before you leave so you’ll have time to grab any extra items before its too late.

Try not to PANIC
Easier said than done, I know! It’s about as useful as saying ‘don’t let it bother you’, we don’t usually choose when or what we stress over but there are a few things you can do to avoid packing panic.

Unless your trip is extremely remote you’ll have access to general shops, remember that anything you might have missed can most likely be replaced within a day or so of looking. If you’re staying in a hotel or travelling with a group be sure to ask for advice looking before heading out on your shopping hunt, someone might even lend you something if you’re lucky.

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