I’m Hollie and I’m a British Travel Blogger.

I began travelling in 2014 when I left the UK to spend a year working and travelling across Australia, I didn’t actually make it a full year but a couple weeks shy is still something to be proud of.

I launched Nomada Where in 2018 to indulge my own creativity. I love to travel and those of you who’ve travelled before I will understand that you don’t just love to travel, you need it – like really need it! Planning trips, touching down in new locations, photographing different cultures and reliving it all through my writing is what sets my heart on fire.

Why Do It?

I may not have understood what it all meant as a kid but I know that I’ve always wanted to travel. I distinctly remember a conversation with my childhood friends parents when I told them I wanted to move to New York City when I grew up, Mrs T was a proud religious woman who upheld very traditional values which evidently did not include galavanting around the world with a map and a backpack – she told me I wasn’t going to make it but I was a tween with a dream and a very stubborn nature. I may not have made it there yet Mrs T but I’ll be damned if I don’t stand on top of the Empire State before I die.

My idealistic lust for travel shifted to full grown fan-girl moment love the second I landed in Oz, well actually the moment after I ran off to throw up from jet lag but it was love nonetheless. After that I was hooked, I’d not seen anything more than the inside of a cubicle but the world was my oyster and I have been chasing that feeling all over the world ever since. Over these last 5 years, I’ve travelled across/through/to 12 uniquely captivating countries from the dense cities and imperial palaces of Japan to the rugged Alpine terrains of Austria…and anywhere else I can afford in between.

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